Dear Parents,
Greetings from Bishop Scott Boys’ School!
This is to inform you that the school is organising an extended stay – Razzmatazz for the students of Grade 9, 10 and 11 in the school premises
on Thursday, 14th November, 2019. The students will stay in school after school hours till 5:30 pm and enjoy the evening with their teachers
and friends. They will have games, dance, movie, fun, activities etc.
For Route commuters-The school will provide transport facility. Programme gets over at 05.30 pm and the buses will leave at 05.30 pm.
For Auto, Bicycle and Supervision commuters- Parents are requested to make suitable arrangements to pick up their ward at 05.30 pm. Kindly
come with Parent Card to pick up your ward. We expect you all to be in school on time to pick up your ward.
The students are required to carry their own snacks and casual dress but school blazer or pull over is must. The students should bring their school
diary and ID card along with them. They will come to school and go back home in school uniform only.
The students having physical illness may exempt themselves. There will be stalls for selling eatables like chips, chocolates, ice cream, cup noodles
and cold drinks.
The teachers’ In-charge – Md. Ashfaque Iqbal and Mr. Biman Roy (Mob: 9835244993)
Kindly send the consent form along with the charge i.e. Rs 100/- through your ward by Wednesday, 13.11.2019 positively so that we shall go
ahead with all necessary arrangements.
Team BSBS, Patna