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Circular No-20: Mid-Term Examination-2020 (For Classes I to X & XI)I
Dear Parents,
Greetings from Bishop Scott Boys’ School Patna!
As we progress through the academic year which has been riddled with challenges both for the students as well as the school, we feel the need to gauge the understanding and knowledge of our students.
Teachers have been conducting assessments in the form of MCQs/VIVAs/Class Test during the Online Classes in addition to Online Assessment-I & II held through Google Links.
The internal assessments have been done on different parameters and subject-enrichment activities as well as multiple assessments. We have completed a substantial part of the syllabus and we now need to give students practice on the pattern of examination as advocated by CBSE.
With this thought in mind, the school is conducting MID-TERM EXAMINATION for Classes-I to X and XII from Monday, 14th September 2020 (Refer to Portion and Date-Sheet published)
Kindly go through the important guidelines regarding the conduct of the examinations
• The school will be using the Adhyaan Web-Portal to conduct the examination. The link for the portal is as given below: https://exam.adhyaan.in/
• Each student will be given a unique Registration ID for the concerned exam either through SMS/WhatsApp Group/Campus Care App where the password will be the Admission Number of the child
• The duration for each examination will be 3 hrs.
• The question paper is objective for Classes I-V whereas Objective as well as Subjective for Classes VI-X and XII. For subjective question, the child has to write
down his answer on a piece of paper in a proper manner and upload the image by clicking it/else a scanned pdf file. Please wait for the server to respond while uploading image/pdf
• Students will be given a settling time of 15 minutes for the examination and will get 15 minutes to review their answer scripts.
• The entire exam will be under the supervision of Live-Proctoring through the admin of the server and if observed that the students are not following the basic protocols, their exam will be terminated.
• Also, Please note that if any child is found switching with the tabs, it will lead to termination of the exam at once and it is strictly not allowed and needs to be avoided.
• Timings for the examination will be from 10:30 am to 01.30 pm. Students should log in the system by 10.25 am to be on the safer side. .(Please note that 30 minutes of settling time and review time is not included in this)
• Also, please note that once you have done the Log-In, don’t leave the page until and unless you have finished your exam else re-log-in won’t be done and it will be treated as use of unfair means and the admin won’t allow you to get in again. Only one-time log-in should be done and multiple attempts to be avoided
• Please make a note that while giving the exam the screen-rotation should be on so that entire question paper is visible
• For any other issues, you can contact your WhatsApp Group Admin/HR Teachers or mail it to us onlinebsbspatna@gmail.com.
• Screen-shot to be shared with the WhatsApp group Admin for any issues.
• Please make sure that you are having a good internet connection and a backup is ready in case of network failure as well as your mobile phone is completely charged.
• It is also expected that the students are going to take the test independently without any external help and parents are requested to act as the superficial invigilator.
Regards, Team BSBS, Patna